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Beer Body Surf


CANADA — A group of golfers tackling a Canadian course used a delay to invent a new sport involving a golf cart, a man flat on his back on the ground, and beer.
The golfers said they were waiting for a slow group in front of them at a Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, course and came up with a new definition of “body surfing.”
The video of the stunt shows a man lying on the ground with his feet pressed against the front of the golf cart, which pushes him through the grass.
A second man stands on the first man’s body and pours beer in his mouth as the cart travels along.

“A few buddies and I were golfing at one of the local courses, the group ahead of us were moving very slow so while we were waiting on them I came up with the idea,” the uploader wrote. “We took a few practice laps down the fairway then got out the beers and camera and made this masterpiece.”

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