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Bombs Subway

Munich, ND — A North Dakota man flying his small plane helped out a hungry friend by air-dropping a Subway sandwich to the farmer’s field.
Nathan Howatt, 23, said in a Facebook post last week he was flying home to Langdon from a dentist appointment in Devil’s Lake when he decided to help out his friend, Mitchel Wirth, who had amassed quite a hunger while swathing canola in a field near Munich.
A photo taken in Howatt’s cockpit shows him holding a plastic bag containing the “Subway melt care package” and warning Wirth that it was “coming your way.”

Howatt shared a video from Wirth’s point of view, showing the sandwich bag landing just feet away after being tossed from the plane.
“Thanks buddy, nice shot,” text on the video reads.
“Had to fly to devils lake for a dentist appointment this morning, figured I better help out and drop a meal to a hungry buddy on my flight back home. Was still warm when he got it lol,” Howatt wrote.
The post was shared by Subway’s official Facebook account, which declared: “Friendship level: Expert.”

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