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Lucky Guy Talks About Swimming Across The Hoover Dam

A man from Welsh, United Kingdom became an overnight sensation after he swam around 1,500 feet across the Hoover Dam.

On August 10, Arron Hughes was in Nevada for a bachelor party. During the vacation he and his friends visited the Hoover Dam.

Hughes says after drinking quite a bit of beer, he made the choice to go for a swim. “When I went down my plan was only just to go in for a swim anyway and then I just looked across and I thought, I think I’m going to go for this,” said Hughes.

Officer Ian Canaan, says it was not only a dangerous thing to do, it was also illegal.

“This is exactly the recipe for a drowning, It’s not open to the public ever so we have a security violation issue as well.” said Canaan.

Hughes swam from the Arizona side of the dam to the Nevada side, where police arrested him.

Officers gave him a $330 fine, and then released him. They said that Hughes had to leave the U.S. and head back to the United Kingdom.


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