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Trailer Park Boys Interview


Larry and Kathie J’s Blazin’ Hit Radio talks with the Trailer Park Boys Ricky, Julian and Bubbles before their show at Red Rocks on August 30th

A F**CKED UP EVENING WITHTRAILER PARK BOYS Featuring Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, Randy & Mr. Laheylive on stage!What’s supposed to be an intimate evening with theTrailer Park Boys quickly goes off the rails when, after escaping arrest for ‘a simple
misunderstanding’, the boys realize they have limited time to party before the cops inevitably track them down. Under pressure to pack as much partying as possible intothe evening, expect the boysto be at their drunkest, highest and greasiest for a hilarious night you’ll never forget!Don’t miss this brand new show liveon stage and catch up on all 11seasons of Trailer Park Boys, streaming now on Netflix.

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